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On February 7th Ctac NV hosted its first SAP CodeJam in her 's-Hertogenbosch office. Topic of this CodeJam was ABAP Developer Tools, guided by SAP expertsmichael.schneider and marco.werner-kiwull.

Ctac is known for its high standards on the quality of ABAP development. Ctac has published the book Enhancing the Quality of ABAP Development written by b.meijs and others.


Ctac is located directly near highway A2 in the beautiful city 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant. 's-Hertogenbosch is famous for its Sint-Jans Cathedral, its city walls, the Binnendieze and not to forget the Bossche Bol.



After welcoming attendees with coffee and a Bossche Bol, Michael introduced ABAP Development Tools (also known as ABAP in Eclipse) with an exercise on how to connect to a SAP ABAP on HANA instance in the Cloud. After everybody being connected with ABAP Developer Tools, Marco explained the details about the worldwide initiative of SAP CodeJam.

Detailed overview

After this warming up, Michael gave us a more detailed overview of ABAP Developer Tools, explaining how to implement Unit Tests, execute ABAP programs and pointed us to useful shortcuts.


After a clear foundation it became time to get our hands dirty and dive into some exercises. Exercises on how to create Unit Tests, execute and debug ABAP Programs, correct runtime errors and find and solve a Performance Issue showed us some nice features of ABAP Developer Tools. Jumping with 25 people on 2 cloudsystems had its impact on performance but with the creative help of our SAP experts we could overcome these minor problems.


All this theory and coding made us feel hungry so we headed to the restaurant were a vast Wapas (combination of Wraps and Tapas) buffet was served. A good moment to socialize and evaluate the first halve of the CodeJam.

After dinner

We had no time for an after dinner dip because Michael and Marco had loads of extra info on what makes ABAP Developer Tools extra handy and useful for every ABAP developer. Just a grip:

  • Source Comparison between multiple systems not within the same landscape
  • Visual performance analysis
  • Consume RESTful services for extending the capabilities of ADT
  • Templates
  • Integration of SAP GUI for workbench functionality not yet available in ADT
  • etc.


  • ABAP Developer Tools is going to replace the GUI workbench more and more in time
  • ABAP Developer Tools has minimum requirements for backend systems, AS ABAP 7.03, 7.31, 7.40
  • ABAP Developer Tools is easy to install but still requires SAP GUI for connection to backend
  • Michael and Marco gave us a comprehensive overview of ABAP Developer Tools

Thank you Michael an Marco for showing us ABAP software developers how developing ABAP becomes more and more fun with ABAP Developer Tools.

Michael congratulations with your new born daughter.

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