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SAP UI5 and even OpenUI5 is around since years now. So I think there is no need to introduce SAPUI5. The JavaScript lib is the foundation for Fiori and it's the strategic UI technology for SAP (at least till SAP changes the strategy again, which sometimes happened quite fast in the past ;-)). All the simplification for the end users which comes with S/4HANA will also use Fiori apps. So if you think there might be the need for UI development in your SAP projects in the future and you haven't started your journey into real web development (meaning using common web technologies and open standards and not WebDynpro) yet, this SAP CodeJam might be the right event to start your journey.

But as we will be supported by SAP Mentor, UI5 expert and co-organizer of the first UI5con, I'm very sure that also experts will not get bored during the afternoon. I've heard she even showed at other CodeJams how you can create your own widgets.

Of course, we will not only code. SAP CodeJams are also community and networking events! So food will be served of course. As the event will take place in our new bridgingIT office in Stuttgart, I don't know yet how far away our BBQ will be from our meeting room. But I'm quite sure it will be in walking distance, even for developers.

I'm looking forward to meet you there! You can sign up here:

A quick update for all participants:

bridgingIT moved to a new office in Stuttgart. We are now located in the same building as the mall "Das Gerber", Marienstraße 17. You can find a detailed description here:

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