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It's the 4th quarter and it's been an awesome ride so far! I've talked about these events a few times this year, when I first proposed them and got approval I figured we'd get a few in and eventually they would grow but I am amazed at how fast they have grown!

The last event I did was in Madrid, where we focused on HANA and an interesting time sharing a single AWS instance of HANA amongst the attendees! It got a bit slow at times but in the end it was a great event and everyone left with a better idea of how HANA worked and how to get started and of course how to easily setup their own free developer licenses and the general costs that at least I pay with my AWS instances.  Now with the latest event in Madrid over we've 6 more ready for this year!

What's even cooler is the fact that the "moderator" roles have expanded and now I've been joined by a few others helping to run these events all over the world. The bad news is that I'll personally miss out on some events but the great news is that with more events means more people will be able to take the opportunity to join and get their hands on free software, free licenses and of course free food.  It's an exciting time to get your hands into the development world of SAP so take the chance and join us at one of our next events! We've already begun planning into 2013!!

  • Bielefeld - Jan 11th
  • Stuttgart - Feb 22nd
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