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Where's the 'SAP Replication Server' community?

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SAP has 2 different 'replication' products (that I know of) ... SLT and SRS.

While I can find the SLT community, I'm unable to find the SRS community, eg:

Community > Browse the Community > search for 'replication' shows only

"SAP Landscape Transformation replication server"

Where's the "SAP Replication Server" community?

NOTE: At least I was able to find the "SAP Replication Server" tag (thank goodness for small miracles!)

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Answers (2)

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Mark, take a look at this post, it explains that not every tag has a "community page":

I'm still a bit fuzzy myself on how are we supposed to navigate among many tags but, fortunately, I usually follow more popular space/tag/community/whatever such as ABAP. And I was able to create the bookmarks, like in this blog. I hear that some kind of a tag catalog with links should be available in a few days.

Hope this helps.

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Community Manager
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Hi Jelena,

In case you haven't been directed to it already, there is now a list of tags and associated tag pages (from which you can follow the tag) on the About Tags page.


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For people (as me) that don't know the "tag" is "SAP Replication Server" and the tag for questions only is this.

Good luck.