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Where can I change the Comany name in my P-User account?

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In my P-User account under I don't see any possibility to change my current company name.


Can someone give me a hint, where this can be done?

Thanks and cheers,

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi @UweFetzer_se38 - please refer to this note for how to request changes to your P-user ID:

You can also contact our Customer Interaction Center here:


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Hi Anne,
okay, will send an email. But this can't be the solution.

Why not just add an Edit button to this field, too? Like here:


Cheers, Uwe

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"Customer Interaction Center" can't change the field either. Looks like we have to send an email to

So everyone who has a new job please do the same. Maybe we can create some pressure to change the process.


Yes Simple edit button would have solved the issue... I had to reschedule my certification and had to sent couple of mail to sap just to correct spelling mistake in my name...

Just found out that we can't change the company info manually. In an era, where everything is getting automated, it is almost impossible to comprehend on why isn't there an edit button to change company information. Come on SAP, it is not that tough!