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What do you think about our new Q&A platform?

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What do you think about our new Q&A platform?

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Hi Moshe,

that was fast. 🙂 Thanks for retagging.

Best regards, Sebastian

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Comments to editorial comments will always be editorial comments - no matter how to mark them - a tiny little glitch in AnswerHub Core that they still offer this option in comments to editorial comments...

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It was in need of polishing at the end of beta - especially the functionality related to Comments. The decision to permit deletion but not editing of own comments (for normal users) is a very strange one, I feel. Since uploading of images seems to function again, here is how stuff looks on desktop Chrome at 125% zoom:

Community Administrator
Community Administrator

Thanks a lot for your valueable feedback, Jānis.

there is definitely still a lot to do and improve and launching does not mean we stop working and improving.

Please Keep sharing this great feedback with us!

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I tried to post a detailed response (as an answer) on how you can obtain the information, which you required, unfortunately, at submitting I got the following:

It turned out, the drafts were not saved, despite the messages, which claimed so and I am not tempted to write that again.

Until such kind of issues are resolved, it makes sense to consider an alternative platform to collect feedback.

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I would like it better if I could find the questions I have asked.

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It is not user friendly.

Can we go back to the old version?

It was so much better

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Hey Team,

Congrats on migration. I am sure lots of improvements are in pipeline.

Ques: Are we done with "yearly leader board" and related pointing mechanisms?


Would be better if we can increase number of items in one view on questions list. Lots of scrolling there right now.

Good luck,


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SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management (SSM) content has now disappeared.

Following the move to the new format the engagement with the community around this product has reduced drastically. Now what content that there was has disappeared completely!

Basing the system purely on tags may be reasonable from a pure technical standpoint but is dependent on a) those tags functioning an b) users (who will have a wide variety of understanding of the importance of the tags) applying them correctly.

As a result a vital resource has been destroyed.

Very disappointing ( and that's a British understatement!)

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First, I think this new SCN wastes a lot of screen space as was suggested by other users.

Also too many scrooling!! And in the end of scrooling a paging control?!? Could not be a "Click here to continue scrooling"??

Twice a month I used to access some old SCN pages (about 15 between PO. HANA, Lumira, BI, S&OP, etc.) to know what is happening in these initiaves, and I got what I want at a glance.

With the new SCN.. sorry, but it brings nothing at a glance and even after some searching the results are not good as well.

I believe you have a lot of work to do to make this a good platform again.

Good luck.

PS: no RSS?! Do anyone know how I can follow SCN using feedly now?

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Hello Alexandre,

yes, currently there is no RSS feed supported by the platform itself. There is an idea for that, but it was set to "Not planned". But there are a lot of interesting comments on it and also a workaround to set up feeds for yourself by Osvaldo. Maybe this can help you in the meantime.



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You're right about the space - I used to be able to see a lot of information on the screen.

Now I can see 6 articles - this is classic UX dogma nonsense - "the user can't handle more than 7 pieces of information simulateously"

Imagine if Excel followed the same pattern.

Who thought technical forums should follow the facebook model ?