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Dear All,

I would like to highlight two very important things that arose after the closure of the old SCN.

Firstly, if i subscribed to a certain thread or discussion, i received emails whenever a member posted something against that particular thread. I can't find that option anymore. Also, i had subscribed to discussions related to SAP QM and any new topic of discussion that got raised in SAP ERP Operations - Quality Management (SAP QM) were emailed to me for my reference. Furthermore, i could export a certain discussion as PDF which i can't do anymore.

Secondly, i raised a new discussion under the heading 'Digital Signature on Results Recording (Inspection Lot wise, Not MIC wise)' on 7th October, 2016 which i can't find anymore. Also having troubles find older archived threads.

Need help with the above mentioned issues and if these aren't present in the new community page, kindly incorporate these as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Yousuf Nabeel

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Hello Yousuf,

I changed the tag of your question to "Using", as that is the tag concerning questions about the new platform itself and bug reports related to it.

About your questions:

There is currently no email notification available. It has not been implemented yet. If you want to show your support for the feature, please search for the idea that was created for this in the Idea Place of this platform. There are some other ideas there, too, you might want to vote for.

As far as I know, there is also no "Export as PDF" feature for questions. You could create an idea in the above mentioned Idea Place to get votes for it, so the team sees, that it's wanted by the community.


As for your old question, that was created before the platform change:

If there were no answers on it, it was not migrated (as explained in the blog "Action Required: What You Need to Know (and Do) to Prepare for the New SAP Community"). So you would need to create it again here on the new platform.

If it had answers on it, it should be mirgrated into the archive and you should be able to find it searching by your name or the title. The search index is still in the process of building up, I think, so maybe you won't find it that easily/it could take some time, until it's a result in the search.




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Adding on the above, I would like to inform you that for now Notification inside SCN is available beside your Avatar after you login. Also Like Steffi informed, I would also say the same that the old questions threads posted before 10th October without answers will never be available hence deleted. If it contained any answers, as you know some documents are not migrated as per the SCN board decision. For now, Its possible, to have some discussion-threads on your mind/your-saved-areas which were having answers & you can not find right at this moment, you will soon, in future, will be able to access those contents.