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Universal ID – Getting to the Right Account


I have (probably together with many other community members) for some time struggled with login and Universal ID. I have almost given up making this work in an acceptable way, but as a last try, I now ask the community.

Do you know how to work with multiple accounts - at the same time.


I have one Universal ID - multiple email addresses and multiple s-users and multiple p-users.

In this site I use my personal very old P-user originally created when SDN.SAP.COM was first started. I have a lot of content linked to this user and I want to continue using this p-users for all SAP Community sites (Groups, People, Events etc.).

I also have a p-user and a S-users for my own Companys BTP, etc.

As a consultant I have S-users linked to some of my customers' accounts.

All the S-users are linked to different email addresses - because I previously had problems when the users had same email address.

Now the issue is that I often need to work in different web sites with different users at the same time, but often this is not possible.

If I am logged into one site with one of my users and then open a new browser tab or even a new browser window or even another browser and try to login to another site, there will be some kind of login sync between the sites. The result is varying depending on what SAP sites I login to. Sometimes the second site will automatic login with the same user as the first site. Other times I am allowed to login with a new user, but then the first site will switch user to the new user.

Sometimes one of the sites will allow me to logout/login again with a different user and thus giving me the option to work in two sites with 2 different user, but I really haven't found a general solution that works in all cases.

Of course I can see the conflicts and difficulties in my behavior, but I think my need to work with different users at the same time is a common requirement for many people.

Currently I am considering to let one browser run via VPN and let another browser bypass the VPN via some split tunneling, but I'm not sure that will help.

Kind regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen

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I don't even have all the complexity you have, as I use just a single S-user, but since very recently activating Universal ID I have had no end of issues with some resources, most specifically the Download Manager.

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It is so unfortunate that there is no solution to this yet. While many (or all) still face this issue.
Even after merging my accounts using the consolidation tool, I still have to select every time one specific account to login (i.e. P user or S user account).

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Would it be possible to add a feature to SAP Universal ID where atleast some of the content from multiple accounts linked to a Universal ID can be consolidated, so that users do not have to switch accounts? A good candidate would be "Favorites". If I save a SAP Note as Favorite from one of the accounts linked to my Universal ID, I should be able to view that note from any other account linked to my Universal ID.

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Hey Thomas,

as long as some SAP services do not give you, as Universal ID user, the option to pick a specific linked account for the given application session there is no way to improve your situation.

For SAP services that allow you to pick a specific linked account during/after login (like SAP OSLP) I recommend something like Firefox's Multi-Account Containers extension to maintain multiple application sessions at the same time in different browser tabs.

Hope this helps.


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From my experience, while the UID does link all your p- and s-users in one place, those individual accounts still exist and are what you actually login as, as you have discovered. If you do a password-based login with your UID and "master" UID password, the site gives you a pop-up to select which of the linked accounts to login to. If you use a certificate-based SAP Passport to login (which I recommend), that Passport has to be associated with a particular S- (or P-) user account, but you should get a popup asking you to select the appropriate passport. So, as long as you create a passport for each of your linked accounts, you should then be able to select any of them and get a convenient certificate-based login.

BUT... I don't think you can reliably choose different IDs or passports in different browser windows all at the same time. I suspect to achieve what you want to do, you will need to pick which one you are working on at the moment and then stick with that until you are done with it. Then close out all browser sessions and start over to pick a new one. I'm not sure if it's enough to just close out all SAP browser sessions but keep other non-SAP sessions active, or if you'd need to ensure you closed all browser sessions entirely. That might be worth checking out. Certainly not convenient.