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Too much eLearning content

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Hi all,

love the new site, and the amazing content. The only problem I have is that there is almost too much content. If it were possible to apply a filter on content type - such as eClass only - (and possibly on age as well) when perusing eLearning material, and not just listing by topic/product, it would make the efficient use of the site much easier.

Keep up the good content,


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Answers (3)

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I agree that the user interface for accessing the e-learning could do with some improvements. One tip though, if you search for content using the global search, you can subsequently filter on e-learnings only. That's a good way to find what you want I think.

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To the author's point - I think that we actually might need more separation/filtering by topic. For example, when I choose eLearning by Topic and then ABAP, I get an 8-page list. Trying to filter by skill level is not always working well since the criteria is rather fuzzy.

There are some clearly visible areas that could've been used to further filter the content: ABAP Development (news, techniques, etc.); SOA; Adobe stuff; ERP Upgrade. Things like Workflow and Software Lifecycle Manager don't belong in ABAP section at all IMHO.

Also it would be nice if the list was at least sorted alphabetically or, even better, if there was an option to sort by name or date.

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In the left side of Elearning webpage Content Filter is already there, which is based on :

eLearning by Topic

eLearning by Product

eLearning by Industry

eLearning by Date .

Here is the link for all:

[eLearning by Date|]

[eLearning by Topic|]

[eLearning by Product|]

[eLearning by Industry|]