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Suggestion for new Forum - Software Quality Assurance & Testing

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Hi - I'm active in ASUG and a SIG Chair for Software Quality Assurance SIG. I'm new to SDN and looked around a bit for where topics related to Software QA, Testing, Test tools & methodologies, etc. would be posted and discussed. I haven't found any relevant forums. A couple postings on SAP TAO (test tool) landed in the Solution Manager forum... looks like they were searching for a relevant home too.

We have good content and discussions on these topics on and I'd like to facilitate bringing some of these topics to the larger SDN community. I started a blog, we sponsor webinars, etc. What would you think of having a forum on SDN called Software Quality Assurance & Testing? Or are there other suggestions for where I would start discussing this? Maybe the forum's out there already but I just can't find it?


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Count me in!

Currently the security aspects of good software development don't have a real home either, and are distributed over SCN in a rather thin and adhoc fasion by a few folks.

I am sure that such a forum would attract a lot of new attention to SCN on the customer side, as it is important for them.

It would also be irrefutable that the SCN Rules of Engagement are applied strictly to such a forum

Cheers and good idea!


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