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Suggestion: Automatic Timer for closing threads

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Greetings SDN and moderators!

Here's a suggestion to add to your development list of SDN forum improvements (i.e. our wish-list). I've been reading on this forum how everyone hates it when a thread to a post is not closed the by poster of the question.

How about if the SDN developers added a conditional timer on the posts displayed? Once a new thread is posted, it has a start date. If it is answered, that thread's new start date is initialized again. After (e.g. 7 days), of no replies to the thread, it should be automatically closed. Of course, the initial poster can also come and open it again if s/he is still looking for an answer. Posts without any replies that automatically close should have some icon with some timeouted clock on it to differentiate that that this thread was automatically timed out. Furthermore, if the developers have more time, our search engine should be configured to not bring back search results of queries having this timed out condition. Thus, we can flush out these floating posts!

What do you think?


John Ta

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I agree with John. It so happens that the blog are not closed & the responses are continuously flowing after intervals.

However, at this point We would like the moderater to come in picture & reward suitable points for correct answers.

Also there are blogs for which suitable answers are not received by the person opening a blog. in that case, if the moderatoer / SAP expert team comes with a suitable response, it will further help the person opening the blog.

If the blog recieves no reponse for 7 days or more, then it should be closed by default intimating the Blog opener of the same.


Rajesh Banka