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SDN Leech

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I posted a question on the PI forum today () and was really surprised to see a little while later that my question had appeared on an external site [(link here)|], and with no reference to SDN or who has posted it.

Is anyone at SAP and the SDN team aware of this site that is apparently leeching questions from SDN? Surely this is not right and must be stopped!



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I will take it up as well.


Prateek Raj Srivastava

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There's at least one more coped from SCN as well.


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Unfortuantely this has been raised before about blogs being copied by both moderators and SAP Mentors and the response so far has been that you as the creator of the content need to pursue the offender instead of SCN protecting the content for you.

Since the content was a in forum post, unless you are going to add to every response: use of this reply on any other site outside of is prohibited, you will not get anywhere. Some members have added disclaimers to their blogs in attempt to have a valid case against stealing, but it still doesn't work.

So the moral of my story is that don't post anything on SCN that you would not want someone else to steal in order to make a profit of your work who is not technically SAP the company using it. Remember when you post here you are providing content to SAP to use, which most of us by nature of posting, have no problem, since it is shared with the rest of the SAP community.

Until someone decides to come up with a better content-protection scheme for community contributions, so that folks can't just copy the site and sell advertising on a copy of our work, I dont' know what to tell you beside that the situation stinks.

Take care,