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SD Pricing

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Iam writing Requirements for SD Pricing.

Suppose I have a Pricing Procedure ZABCD.

This Pricing Procedure has Condition Types ZABC, ZBCD, ZDEF.

Now I have all these maintained in the Pricing Procedure.


Step CondType ................. Req....

010 ZABC 10

020 ZBCD 20

030 ZDEF 30.

Now I have a situation where in if the order finds ZBCD Condition Type then it should not allow ZABC to pass.

If there is no ZABC then ZBCD should pass.

Iam trying to handle this using the "Requirements", using the internally generated table KMOT1, but its not helping my cause.

Can anyone please explain me which table/internal table I have to look into to get Dynamically which condition type is getting executed when the Pricing is done in the order so that I can control the above process.

Thanks in advance...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi, Harry~

let's try to do like this

1. spro
    -> IMG
     -> Sales and Distribution
      -> Basic Functions
       -> Pricing
        -> Pricing Control
         -> Define Access Sequences
          -> maintain access sequences
2. and then 
   * choose access sequence what you want
     and double-click or click accesses
      -> Check Exclusive check box
  • Exclusive check box

: Controls whether the system stops searching for a record after the first successful access for a condition type within an access sequence.

Hope that answers your questions satisfactorily.

if it is, check it solved problem.

Have a good day~

Best regards

Kyung Woo.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Harry,

this might not be the right part of the forum to ask this kind of question, so you probably won't get answers here.

I'm no module guy, so only thing I can recommend is to jump over to the <b>Other SDN Questions</b> forum and try your luck there.