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SAP Answers - Unaswered vs Completed

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When I check out a tag for unaswered question the unaswered filter means no answer was submitted.

However I'm interested in such questions where no solution was provided (no answer was accepted). There is no such filter to see those.

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Active Global Support as well as many Moderators would likely also like to see such a filter in place.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi both,

Thanks so much for sharing this. I'll add your suggestions to our feedback list for further review.


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In fact we have a functional sample existing in today's SCN

I am of the opinion that all of the searches, filtering, drill down, etc. should use a common approach, and not where the answers site does it one way, and the blogs site does it another, etc. (unless of course it is unique to the site).