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RSS feeds - link from aggregator not working

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Hi all

I've got a problem with checking the forums from my RSS aggregator (and it's hard to cover a lot of forums in a busy day without RSS).

The RSS doesn't contain full posts, only excerpts. I'd rather have full posts if you can supply another feed, but we'll leave that for the moment.

Anyway, the problem is that the RSS aggregators can't render the <link> URLs to the full post from the excerpt.

If you look at the raw feed and cut'n'paste the link into a browser address bar, it doesn't work (top and side navigation render, workspace frame gives 404 error). If you change the initial 'https' to 'http' of the <link> url it works fine.


This link will work from within this post though, I think - close your browser sessions down, create a new one and see.

This is on standard SAP laptop images. I've tried this with two aggregators - FeedReader and SharpReader.

Can anyone help? Are others experiencing it? Can we get full content in the feeds? I can check hundreds of posts in a busy day using my aggregator, but not many if I have to browse.



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Hi Tom,

It works for me using They can process https not all RSS readers are able to do that.

We may want to rework this, but because it is working with some readers it is not on top of our priority list.

Sorry, Mark.

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I don't use Bloglines as you need to be online. You can't read your feeds when you are on the plane or train.

Anyway, I worked out on my own how to get full post feeds. You just add &full=true to the feed url.

So the feed url for this forum with full posts would be:

You can also do other things such as get more messages in your feed (&messageCount=50) etc. Check here:

The page also discusses how to adjust the link prefix to 'http', for when this problem does make it up the list.