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Page layout problems

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If I set my browser (Firefox) to full screen mode, the content IFrame does not get the full screen height, but is cut about 200 pixels above the bottom of the screen and a scroll bar appears. (In IE6 it looks ok.)

In normal display mode with IE6, I get double vertical scroll bars, namely in the content IFrame and the browser window.

The content IFrame also show a horizontal scroll bar, even if the browser window gets the full width (1280px in my case).

Please fix this!


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Dear Armin,

After 4 years your thread again activated

I am facing almost same problem, but with some change.

In IE also we are getting the vertical scroll bars if we minimize the browser window.

Actually we have 2 iViews included in "Fullwidthcolumn" layout, and scroll bar came even browser is maximized. then we fixed (giving height values statically) the height of the iviews to remove the scroll bars, till then its working fine, we dont have any scroll bars.

Now, when we minimize the browser window, its showing the scroll bars. please help us in solving,

(I can open a new thread but dont know whether you will check that thread or not, thats why continuing your old thread)



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If you are referring to iframe as in the normal HTML iframe tag then you are talking to the wrong people.

The IE, Firefox, Opera, etc. browsers render these standard (or not so standard tags) internally and the iframe tag is a tricky little thing.

IE does the best since this is MS's brain child and to handle your scroll bar problems you have to play with the various attributes of the iframe. frameborder and stuff.

Typically if you set

height="100%" frameborder="0" style="height:100%;frameborder:0px" scroll="none"

you manage to remove the iframe's scrolling and border features but if the content of the page is too large you still get the internal scroll.

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I slightly disagree. The layout should simply be ok in all major browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE6 etc.

How to achieve this technically? Let the SDN team figure it out.


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You are right it should be but the "major" browsers as you put it are

IE and NN

Firefox, Opera, Safari are not considered "major" browsers and therefore most times are not considered.

Besides you would have to cut out have of everything that makes the website look good and use HTML 1.0-3.2 commands and nothing fancy with JavaScript in order to ensure that it was similiar in all browsers.

Even then what looks one way in Opera and IE would look different in NN.

For SDN to achieve this as well as anyone else out there 100% they would have to create a page redirecting system (one that works 100% - which is hard to do) and have a seperate set of pages for each browser. Even then you are going to have several differences.

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I do not want to argue about which browsers are considered as relevant. I simply want a functioning layout, and e.g. double scroll bars are a real mess.

Perhaps it would be interesting to know which browsers are used by the SDN visitors.


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Yes but you have to be reasonable in your request. Your are asking for something that is based on the browser.

This is a topic that has been discussed and there is a released SAP Note on the topic.

SAP note 598860 lists supported browser types and versions

As a web developer you should know, everyone should know, you can't program it for every flavor of browser and every version of the same browser.

The browser engine determines how to render the tags that are presented. If your browser of choice doesn't render one of your applications the way you want you change the HTML and layout, but then you may find that one of the other people using your application now can't use it because it doesn't work or look right in their browser.

As for your problem with the double scroll bars - did you try what I suggested earlier?? Try this with just a simple HTML page and see what happens just one created manually on your PC then show the same page in NN, IE and Opera you'll see differences in all.