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Moderartors: Give reasons while locking a thread

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How do you dare to close a thread without giving the proper reason?

Please give the reason for locking this thread.

I call it stupidity if you don't give proper reason.

Best Regards


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Hi Ruksana,

You sound angry with the treatment you received.

While the treatment wasn't courteous and locking without explanation isn't the best response, I wouldn't be so hasty as to call it stupidity.  I can see on the other side of this that a moderator might have locked it out of frustration.   Let me explain: it isn't considered good netiquette here or on other forums to ask for the community to supply full training on a broad topic.

I see you wrote:

"I do not have any idea of this configuration. Please explain in detail."

Perhaps this is a communication problem.

That's a very generic request.  Remember there are many "freshers" out there who want others on the network to "do their work for them".  Imagine that you are an experienced  consultant in FI who has spent years gathering your knowledge and experience.  You are able and willing to share specifics when someone has a particular issue and indeed you come to SCN to learn more and give back to others.... but then someone says: "drop what you are doing and spend all your time teaching me all you know about ERP FI".  You would think that person was a bit out of line and the request unfair, I imagine.

Another example that I imagine might frustrate a moderator (and I'm not one here for specific topics so I am just imagining).  Let's say a person asks questions, gets full answers and doesn't really acknowledge them.  If someone else observes this, they might conclude that this person isn't really collaborative.  That would be another reason for frustration on the part of the moderator.  So the first thing to do before name calling and after initial anger is to attempt to see the reason why someone responds to you in the manner they have.

It's important to both welcome newbies and help steer people toward "good behavior" . 

I see you answering questions for others and being rewarded. That is excellent.  The other side of that is being respectful of the way you ask questions and also really acknowledging others for the time they take to answer you.

I learned that screaming LOUDER generally doesn't change someone's listening.  In fact, it could do the opposite.  They might just "turn you off". Revising the words might change the listening.  Rewording your question might also get a better response.



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Dear Marilyn,

Thanks for your response in detail.

Let me say something about below point.

"I do not have any idea of this configuration. Please explain in detail."

I have good knowledge of FICO. But there are certain part which I don't know like travel management. Travel management while routing with HR module. In FI there is very limited task ( FI consultant) and rest is for HCM consultant. I imagine three- four steps would be there for FI consultant. That's why mentioned above point.

Though I am very happy with that people are responding. But still upset with moderator who locked it and Why does not he come infront and mention the reason himhelf. He should acknoledge his/her mistake.

We all are expecting what could be the reason. Let the actual person reply it.

@Moderators: My humble request please do not mark it as answered. I found this was answered. I did not find the answer.

Best Regards


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