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Merging P-User Id with S-User Id

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Hello Team,

I wanted to merge my P-User and S-User Ids into one account. I have already searched several threads and i could not get a positive response.

Can You please help me on this.



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What do you mean by merging?

If this is about combining your reputation, connections, bookmarked content - this is not possible, at least not at present.

If this is to be able to edit blogs via account A which were created by account B - I heard that wordpress (on which the blogs part of this site is based) has ushc multi-author plugin. Still, it wuld be up to the site owner to decide whether this is a desirable outcome. Until then - only moderators are authorized to edit somebody else's blogs.

If this is about using the same e-mail/password for both accounts - just don't. You will have too many challenges using the site if you do this and you will regret it. It is worth mentioning that you cannot modify the e-mail address by yourself. Some members managed to do this by contacting SAP.

There is this project Universal ID (it seems to be still in beta), check if this is what you are looking for:

SAP Universal ID.

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Thanks for the details. Yes am looking to merge this SCN Id with my S User Id.

Thanks for the Link on Universal id, i understand that we can merge all the S-User Ids with that just not sure if P-user id can be added.

Let me check on the same and respond.