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Losing points and demoted to Active Contributor Silver

Active Contributor
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Hi Experts,

Sometime back I received an email as Acknowledgement of Achievement for becoming the Active Contributor Gold.

However today I faced a strange problem, after releasing a Jive Document my points increased to 1510 however after some time it drastically dropped to 1232.

Moreover I no longer remained Active Contributor Gold.

Can someone please tell what has happened which has led to losing points and demotion?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Former Member
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Hello Saurabh,

I almost don't dare to ask, but did you read the Contributor Reputation Program FAQ?

My points have recently decreased, is this an error?

No, this is not an error. The points that show in the masthead, next to your name, are the points you accumulated in the last 12 months. Because you may get points every day, the amount of points may vary every day.



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