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Link to SDN Contributor Rewards on the Main SDN FAQ

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If I'm in a forum and I click on the Help icon to get the SDN Forum FAQ, it seems to me that this FAQ page should have a short blurb about awarding points and probably a link the SDN Contributor Award page -

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I too think there should be a link to sdn. which explains them the nessesity to award points and closing the thread... may be something which contain simple text like in the following and which we can give to new SDNers..

<i>PS n: Assigning point to the helpful answers is the way of saying thanks in SDN. and you can assign points by clicking on the appropriate radio button displayed next to the answers for your question.yellow for 2, green for 6 points(2)and blue for 10 points and to close the question and marked as problem solved.closing the threads which has a solution will help the members to deal with open issues with out wasting time on problems which has a solution and also to the people who encounter the same porblem in future.</i>