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Improve search functionality

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Hi there,

SDN is a valuable source for information regarding the SAP environment, but one thing that saddens me, is the search capabilities within SDN.

When submitting a query the amount of redundant hits are vast and extremely annoying, thus I have the following suggestion:

When returning search results, would it be possible to deliver the search result Thread based in stead of Keyword based, exactly the same way as it works when searching Google Groups.


Hans Christian Ove

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I would like to add some other suggestions for this. As Hans suggests, I would like to see more options for the search functionality like by "and".

I hope this will get to the attention of the moderators.



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I completely Agree.. Whenever I search the forum, it should only return the threads and not all the posts. Because normally people will any how read the whole thread to understand the problem.

This will in fact reduce the number of hits substantially and make the life much more easier. Also there will be less duplicate questions asked in the forum as a result of this.

Also advanced search options should also be provided here too.

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And did you try to use AND in search string?

It works from the day one...


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Ok then, another search request. Search all <u>except</u> forum posts (I have put this on the survey BTW).


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Hi all,

In fact, the search engine of the SDN does not look like to a real search engine! The results that it returns are really amazing! It should be called random search. It is becoming unusable.

May be SAP want to be awarded as the company which has the worst websites! A market place unreadable on which you have to enter your login each time you click on a link, a crazy search engine and a main web site ( very ugly.

Web Engineering is really not their business!

A lot of very good tools already exists writen in PHP, ASP, Perl or Python, why they don't use it? Or they should take the Microsoft portal as example which is very usefull.

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First off I think that is rather harsh!

Second if you are referring to the search here in the forums - it's not ours it belongs to the forums which is not ours.

As for - not related to it here so no comment

Service Market Place - I've never had the problem you are referring to before I worked here and now that I do work here -perhaps it's problem on your side? Tech Support emails are good for that

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Wanted to revive this topic.

Don't want to be harsh (as you said previous post was) but it is very frustrating using SDN search. Some things (some already mentioned in earlier replies) that would be greatly appreciated:

- Advanced search

- Use of AND and OR and NOT

- Ability to search for exact term within quotes. For example, if I enter "not a valid web.xml file" I'd like a hit only when it finds those words exactly as I entered them and together. What I get is a hit on every document that has "not" "a" "valid" ... you get the idea.

As for the comment about the forums not belonging to SAP. That sounds an awful lot like a cop-out. I just went to TechEd and SDN was promoted very heavily by SAP. All the people manning the SDN booths were SAP employees.

Almost evey SAP consultant I've spoken to has always referred me to SDN as a first source for problem resolution and then to Service Marketplace.

That sure sounds like SAP is taking some ownership in SDN. As a result, they should do all they can to make the site the best it can be.

One thing that makes a site successful is good search engine.


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Slight misunderstanding here, when I said the forums do not belong to SAP I meant that we did not develop the software directly and therefore we are only able to push for changes as much as anyone else would - most of which are comng true with the next version and I think it will be live here within the next several months - not 100% sure on the timeline yet. With it comes lots of improvements on the search feature as well.

SDN/BPX are part of SAP no mistake there.

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> - Ability to search for exact term within quotes. For

> example, if I enter "not a valid web.xml file" I'd

> like a hit only when it finds those words exactly as

> I entered them and together. What I get is a hit on

> every document that has "not" "a" "valid" ... you get

> the idea.

I agree to this. This feature would be very useful and is standard in most of the message boards and search engines.

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Craig, just revisiting this topic. Can you tell us if this functionality ever got implemented?

In particular, I'd LOVE to be able to do a search for an exact phrase enclosed within quotes. Using AND is helpful sometimes but I don't want docs that have each word somewhere in the post. I want the EXACT phrase.