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I'm not getting notifications after community members reply on a reply

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I've noticed that if someone replies to a reply, I'm not getting a notification. Unfortunately this happens all the time. After noticing that I didn't get notified when community members would respond to my response on their question, I started to look at why is this the case? I found that instead of using comment on my response, they just use the reply block and thus I don't seem to get notified.

I've done the same in the meantime, by accident really, not thinking about any major difference or anything in terms of functionality. So I would prefer that "follow" also notifies me when there are replies and not just when someone comments on something I've written. Otherwise it's hard to follow-up because over time, I'll have answered tons of questions but I won't be aware of which ones have been updated or which ones someone else has chimed in perhaps.

I've voted up this idea which incorporates the above to some extent, not sure if the above is not a bug though so still posting this thread here also:

I would recommend others to vote up this idea because right now, I'm missing out on pieces of conversation after trying to help community members with their issues so it's hard to keep track of who replied on what if I don't get notified about it. I assume I'm not alone in this so please rally behind this idea.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks a lot Tom for submitting your feedback. I will raise this requirement with IT although I can't commit when this behavior will change.