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How to tell the last time a blog/question was updated/commented-on?


With the old SCN I could see a list of blogs/discussions/documents with a datetime stamp showing the last time each item was updated/commented-on/replied-to. This made it easy to tell which items I haven't seen (since my last time in the forum).

I don't see such a timestamp in the list of items under a tag.

With the new system I have to click on *each* item, wait for the system to find and display the item, then re-sort the replies/comments by datetime stamp, then scroll to the end of the page ... just to figure out if anything new has been posted to the item (since the last time I viewed the item).

And heaven forbid I'm in any sort of a hurry because moving back (from the individual blog/Q&A item) to the list of items under a tag takes forever (compared to the old SCN).

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mark,

if you start from "Questions and Answers", there is a timestamp under each entry. This is missing when you look at all content of a tag, yes. But I don't think this is a bug, but has potential for the Idea Place.



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