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How to seach in SAP Community?

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After having created dozens of websites, and a couple of communities with thousands of users, I find myself unable to use SAP Community fluently.

I want to find information on how to use a particular functionality of an SAP product.
There is no "channel", "site", "group" or anything similar to the product, it is in a global "Technology Q&A" group with many, many other products.
To make up for this lack, we are supposed to have the TAGs, ok that's what there is.

But how do I search for something filtering also by tag?



I don't have time to read 300,000 posts 😄

if I add the name of the product to the search, it returns first those that contain the word in the title ... so it does not serve to filter correctly.


At least I have reduced the result to 1000 ... but still too many to read.

any ideas? it can't be that hard, I must be missing something.


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It's been 20 years that I don't use the search in SAP Community because it has always given very bad results. Instead, use any Web search engine by appending "" to search only in SAP Web sites.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @XaviPolo:

We have some how-to videos showing different options for fine-tuning search and looking for the latest content related to specific tags:

They may not get you exactly what you want, but I hope they'll give you ideas on how to narrow down your results.

Kind regards,


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