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How to limit community search by tag

Hi Sap Community,

i was just redirected here from the old page. Can somebody tell me how I can narrow my search by tag?

For example when I search for the term "datepicker" I only want to see results from the tag "SAP Commerce Cloud" and not "SAPUI5" or something else.

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Actually, I think that it might be possible.

1. If you use the search in the upper right part of the page ( and you type some search term (in my example order), then filter by content type (I used Blog, Discussion and Question) you will get something like this:

2. Then you need to get the TECH_IDS for the tag in which you are interested. In my case this is SD (Sales and Distribution). Get the URL of the tag ( and take the part after tags/ (in my case this is 209057551571413566377230676804921).

3. Now add to the URL from step 1. +SM_TECH_IDS:<the value from step 2> before &src=defaultSourceGroup. In my case this value is +SM_TECH_IDS:209057551571413566377230676804921.

The URL looks like this:

It seems to work (I checked a few items in the result list at random) but it is far from user-friendly and it probably makes sense only if you are really desperate.

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wow... it's worth a blog post (and the tags are here:

So, searching datepicker in SAP commerce cloud (tag "3A73555000100800001224"):

Hahaha, thanks for your incredible effort! But what heck SAP?!? If your backend already supports this kind of search, why doesn't the GUI reflect it?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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No way! It's by design...

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Undocumented functionality???

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Hi Alexander,

I didn't find a way to do so via the search, though there are 'primary tags' on Community that are all present on this page

Also if you'd open a blog post with this 'datepicker' tag (which falls into the category "User tags") and click it, you'd be able to view all blog posts with this tag:

And it goes the same way with Answers, as I understand:

Best regards,