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How do I search a specific space?

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With the old SCN search engine once an initial search was done, you could refine your search by specifying which SCN space to search in. I dont see this option with the new search engine, which makes searching difficult.

I am looking for some specific info on how to send an offline Adobe form through email and would like to limit my search to the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe forum using "mail" as the search term.

A search for "mail" using the main search returned 37,000 results and the top results returned had nothing to do with Adobe forms.

Using the filter in the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe space only shows recent content

The "Search all space content" does not work and returns results from

I do not want to search for "mail" and another keyword like "form" or "adobe" as this will still return results from other spaces like Web Dynpro ABAP and Web Dynpro Java. I also do not want to miss out on threads in the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe that forum that only contain the keyword "mail" and not other other keywords like "adobe" or "form".

With the new SCN search, you can I limit my search to a specific space?  Thanks.

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Thanks to both of you!