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Empty spaces...

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Hi friends,

maybe I'm not aware of something stupid and already clarified by someone in the past, but...

...WHY my weblog now shows a lot of blank space at the bottom ?!

When I posted it (one month ago), everything seemed right, but now...

(and I saw that in other epidemic!?)


Thanks for your attention!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Roberto,

I think currently there are some changes in the matrix. I've also seen Weblogs this week where the HTML Source was displayed. Probably some work is done against the Cross Site Scripting problem.



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Hi Roberto and Gregor,

We closed a security whole this week in the Weblog area, limiting the HTML tags that are allowed.

We may have gone too far and are in the process of adjusting. We will keep you posted.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Mark.

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