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DME Format Tree is Saving Incorrectly

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I am trying to create a new DME format tree, transaction code DMEE. I can populate the source fields but when saving or activating the format, entries on all fileds will be moved to the center of the fields. As a result these entries are not being recognised. For example if the file is be populated by a constant value like "SARS", I can enter that constant value as the source field. But if I activate the format this constant value changes to "             SARS". Some spaces will be entered on the left.  

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Hello Cleo / All SAP experts,

I am facing the same/Above issue with my client also in DEV system.

Could you please assist me on this issue.

Issue is: I am trying to modify the DME tree element nodes - structure fields, it taking the gape/extra fields automatically by the system Example : I am trying to enter the "C0" in a conversion function, after saving system automatically it is taking the "      C0" and it going to Constant radio button also.