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Date and timestamp in different format

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I have to admit that I am slightly neurotic.

As such this bothers me:


Please note how the date is formatted either in German or in local (Finland for me) format, but then the time is in 12-hour format.

Neither Germany nor Finland use the 12-hour format to show time. None of the countries that use the 12-hour time format, use the dd.MM.yyyy date format (to my knowledge of course).

Was this element on the page hard coded by two different developers in different countries, or in the one country in the world that happens to have this date and time format? In the latter case, just out of curiousity, I would like to know what country that is.




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@JimSpath, is your date format still incorrect?

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Anne - I like how my date display is set. A 3 digit day of month is not wrong, just odd. Helps me see if I am still logged in or not.