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Creating a directory & subdirectory on Application Server

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I want to create a directory on Application Server which may contain many subdirectories where in i will upload my files from my ABAP Program.

I need to know if dynamic creation of a directory on Application Server is possible though ABAP.

I donot want to create it manually but dynamically depending on the type of file to be put in the directory.

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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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If you use the complete path, this actually works. I have tested it in my system. It may not work in background though. I'm on an AS400, so the path is a little different

call function 'GUI_CREATE_DIRECTORY'
dirname = '//<ip_address>/qfilesvr400/<host>/usr/sap/TST/SYS/Folder1'
          failed  = 1
          others  = 2.


Rich Heilman