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Are contract jobs safe???

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Hi guys,

I need ur advice very badly. Iam an ABAPer with 3 years of experience.

Iam getting several offers under contract jobs.

Heard contract jobs are not safe. Please let me know the pro's and con's of contract jobs.

It will be very helpful to me.



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That depends on the company that you choosed. Some companies are prefferably hires you if your performance is good.

But some companies never hire you, even you work for them 20 hours per day.

This is my experiance.

I dont think you are again into 50-50.


Naveen Inuganti.

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> But some companies never hire you, even you work for them 20 hours per day.

Company never hire you based on your Stamina of work, they hire you based on your efficiency.

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I have seen both side of the coin... worked as a perm employee for several companies and then got a chance to go contracting and have been doing it for the last 3 years without issues.

Now, during recession times is pretty obvious that if a company decide to reduce costs the first people to go is usually contractors... but that pretty much depends on how badly they need you or if you're a key part of an ongoing project that is important for the company.

In any case, contracting = unsafe, but also contracting = more money for the risk

So if you can afford the risk go for it.. if you don't, don't



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>So if you can afford the risk go for it.. if you don't, don't

That's very true. In France, contractors are hired by service companies which are hired by final customers.

When there is a crisis, final customers end some contracts with the service companies which end the individual contractors contracts...

But there will always be some demand for well known individual with high skills. There are so few of them !

I've seen so much, so called specialists, who were not able to understand what they were supposed to do...


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> Heard contract jobs are not safe.

You have to put it into perspective.

To die in your sleep is a rare occurance per capita, at most it happens once per lifetime.

What you should be worried about is what happens while you sleep but are still alive.

There was a survey done on this ( see [the docs|,5753,-23997,00.html] --> reads a bit like a JOIN vs. FAE thread...) and even they said that there are worse things which can happen while you are awake.

You won't know, until you sink your teeth into it and chew a bit.

Good luck,


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Contract jobs are inherently unsafe. That's why I do it.

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sorry kishan, i didnt get u........

can u be a bit more clear about ur opinion on contract jobs!

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If you ask Olivier, he would tell you that most people die in sleep than anywhere else.

Contract jobs is no exception in that sense.


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Yes Kishan,

But you are not supposed to sleep during a contract job !