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Enterprise Resource Planning

Get support, share your expertise, and engage with the community about SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Clou...

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Financial Management

Get answers and gain insight about planning and analysis, accounting and financial close, tax and tr...

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Human Capital Management

Ask questions, find resources, and share your knowledge about SAP SuccessFactors products and human ...

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Product Lifecycle Management

Explore Q&A, blogs, and other resources related to SAP Product Lifecycle Management. Share your expe...

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Spend Management

Get answers to questions about SAP products and technology. Follow expert blogs to gain insights. Sh...

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Supply Chain Management

Find answers to your questions about SAP SCM software. Connect with experts, share insights, and acc...

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Ask and answer questions about SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Connect with peers, share...

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SAP Business AI an Introduction

1.Introduction: Introducing the Power of SAP Business AIIn today's fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, gaining valuable insights and making data-driven decisions has become more important than ever. That's where SAP Business AI come...

SAP 分析云 2024.03 版新功能抢先看

SAP 分析云是一款先进的商务分析云解决方案,集商业智能 (BI)、增强分析、预测分析和企业规划功能于一体,消除单点解决方案和数据孤岛挑战,能提供您需要的全面云分析功能。本文介绍了 SAP 分析云 2024.03 版本的新功能。这些新功能已经在 SAP 分析云 FastTrack 客户的系统上线。对于 SAP 分析云季度发布周期 (QRC) 客户,此版本及其功能将作为 QRC 2024 年第2季度版本的一部分提供。这里可以查看 QRC 发布时间表。系统和技术要求尽管不是必需的,我们推荐您升级到最...

William_Yu_0-1709519425799.png William_Yu_1-1709519425800.png William_Yu_2-1709519425802.png William_Yu_3-1709519425807.png
William_Yu by Product and Topic Expert
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Track how many models use a BW query as source in SAC

Hi all, we have created a lot of import models in SAC using BW queries, is there any way to see a statistics which shows the BW queries used in creation of models as well has how many models were created using a specific BW query other than going int...

akhilgs by Explorer
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Fiori Elements アノテーションが反映されない

Fiori Elementsのテンプレートを使用して、Guided Developmentを使ってアプリの作成を行っています。データ型・必須・桁数をFiori側で制御するため、Gitのソースを参考にAnnotation.xmlを作成しましたが、次のエラーが出力され、定義したデータ制約は反映されていませんでした。解決策をご教示いただけないでしょうか。【エラー内容】Unknown Sub-Element: <EntityType> only [Annotations,Annotation] Sub-...

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