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xMII issue.

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Hi everyone,

Im having the following issue, when trying to access xMII with the following URL:

http://[machinename]/Illuminator, it gives me the following error message: "No host available, all connections are down".

When trying http://localhost/Illuminator, there's no problem.....but i have to access xMII from a remote PC :(. How can i resolve this issue?

Thnx a lot for your help.

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Hi Antonio,

We faced the same problem while installing first time in my PC.

please follow the steps to over come this problem

1)please check the url in the browser http://<hostname or localhost>/

a)if it gives default page based on the Operating System then IIS server is working fine.

b)if it is not giving any default page please follow the steps

start-->run --> enter "services.msc" and press ok . please check the services "IISAdmin" and "WorldWideWebpublishing" is running or not.

If it not running plese start the two services

Start>run>enter "inetmgr" and press ok.In "websites" folder -->start the "DefaultWebsite".select "DefaultWebsite" and right click on it and "browse" it.

you will get default web page

please check the url once again

http://<hostname or localhost>/

If it gives defultpage IIS server is working fine. Even though you are getting any page please run this "" file

check once again the url

2) please check ServletExec is running or not in services.if not please start it.

After this http://<hostname>or <localhost>/Menu.jsp

you will get the default page.

if there is any problem please let me know.