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WWI Server Installation – Local vs Centralized

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Dear SAP Gurus,

I have a more complex question to ask but am hoping the response to this seemly simple question will alleviate me from discussing all of the complexities Iu2019m encountering.

My question is we had a set of people that setup a centralized WWI Server to support a SAP ECC environment. They also loaded it locally on our users PCu2019s. Is this setup on the local PC necessary? Should a centralized WWI server negate the need to have WWI setup on each personu2019s local PC? Iu2019m thinking that no installations should occur on a user PC as the centralized WWI server should be handling all of the report generation requests initiated from CG02. It should be one or the other and not both. Please advise!

Thanks u2013 Richard.

PS: I have since de-installed and found out the report generation does not work if the WWI Server is removed from the local PC. I had to re-install the WWI Generation Server on the local PC to make it work again. I will now have to post the more complex question that I was really seeking an answer for.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Richard

due to migration of SDN to SCN my answer / tipps are lost. Any how:

1.) Regarding "report from template" activity: you need a local WWI installation

2.) If you would like to check content of WWI documents in CG50/CG54 you need a local WWI installation

3.) If you are using ECC 6.0 and you have installed EnhPack 3 you have the chance to prepare a further WWI farm so that the local installation of WWI is not necessary. Please refer to corresponding SAP documentation regarding this feature. Keep in mind: based on the number oif users, time zone etc. you need in my opinion may be a big server farm

Therefore: WWI is needed any how.

With best regards


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Even with ECC 6.0 Ehp 3 you need a local WWI Installation if you are going to edit WWI Templates.

But this is normally only a limited number of people from the IT department.

How many WWI Servers you need depends on how many people are looking at documents in CG5/54 and CVD1 at the same time. In my experience this are not to many people as MSDS are made available to further people outside the EH&S department via the EH&S WebInterface or some other means (Documents are not accessed within SAP)



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks to all for your answers and insights.  Christoph, I got your response through the e-mail notification but your right in that it got lost in the SCN migration.  I have gotten back and have awarded your points for your helpful response.  Many thanks again as we are now fully up and running on this.

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Hi Richard,

Just adding one more point into what Christopher said. If you install SAP GUI 720 on frontend PC, WWI will get installed on it and a separate WWI installation on frontend would not be needed.