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WWI Report from Template Editing Problem

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I have a requirement where a WWI Template should be generated only via "Report from template" function of transaction CG02.

When the template is displayed, it seems to be protected and cannot be edited. It cannot be saved locally nor saved into a PDF file since saving is disabled.

Is there a way where I can edit the template after displaying it via "Report from template"?

Thank you for your help.


Jo Seczar

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HI Jo Seczar,

It is true. You cannot edit the wwi report after generation.

at same time you cannot save the file locally. when the report generation happens, it check-in at the correct place in the directory according to DMS settings. If you are using Archive link to manage these documents, same will be saved in Archive repository.

But you have an option in wwi template (CG42), where you can use "Blank compression" and "Conditional output" to change the data automaticcally, for small editings. Once again conforming, these options may not be useful as you desired. Agree that we have limitations while using wwi template reports.

Not possible to edit after that time it's already generated.



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Dear Jo

as long as the WWI template is not "released" you can only use "Report from template". If the WWI report is released you can use as well "Create report".

Regarding editing WWI: please refer to WWI.ini documentation. Quite tricky the topic; but you can change set up in suich a way that you "could" change data in WWI document (but you can not store the document back to SAP).