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WWI Installation

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Dear All,

I am trying to Install WWI with EHS Management Server

As per config guide

a) Install EHSSTART.EXE as a service

Host <Name of local PC>

Name For example, EhsStart

Display Name For example, EH&S Failure Recovery

Executable path <WWI or Expert Bin directory>\EHSSTART.EXE

Service Arguments

User Account LocalSystem

Service Type Own Process

Desktop Interaction No

Start Type Automatically

Error Control Normal

Service Dependency EventLog (generated automatically)

Use event logging Yes

Event logfile Application Logfile

Event types Information, Warning, Error

Message files <WWI or Expert Bin directory>\WIN32SVC.DLL <WWI or Expert Bin directory>\EHSSTART.EXE

but to do all these activities, when I am executing EhsStart.exe Nothing is sepra

could you pleaes explain me how Install EHSSTART.EXE as a service

Please guide me

Thanking You



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Hello Amol,

If any executable is not starting means either you dont have authorization, or not supported in the given OS or there is a pending system boot or there is a dependency program which actually invokes this program.

Now coming to EHSSTART.EXE as Windows Service, you need to start Services admin, which starts with SVc* and start entering the parameters as you described.

You will find this executable in the same folder where you have installed WWI server.



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Hello Amol,

I mistook this with WWI Services creation.

To create EHS Management services, I understand you have installed the WWI server with EHS Management option, during the system pop uptime. During Installation system inovkes a dailog box asking if this is managed using EHS Management services.

At that time you need to maintain the parameters you mentioned above.

Then accordingly add the information in SAP.INI file.