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Wrong capacity requirement calculation in SOP

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Dear all,

please advise on an issue i am facing with rough-cut capacity planning in SOP. I have created a production plan for material 50133 in plant 2010 (sop.jpg), which i want to run rough-cut capacity planning for. You can see the result of rough-cut capacity planning in the lower part of the screen (i have removed "scheduling" option in OPU4).

My problem is that i do not understand (a) why i see the same capacity requirements for both capacity category 001 (machine) and capacity category 2 (labor hours), and (b) how these values have been derived.

If we have a look in MC35 settings, we will see that my time span is 30 days, and in these 30 days i produce 417300CAR (cartons). I also assume that i can possibly utilize all available capacity of my work center (720hours - 30 days time span * 24 hours/day) (mc35.jpg). Based on these settings, i would expect that for 1568CAR i would need 2,736 hours (720*1568/417300). This value is also verified by the material's routing (standard-values.jpg, machine-capacity-requirements.jpg, all-capacity-requirements.jpg, assigment-of-req-capacity.jpg) and, in addition, no other requirements exist. However, as you can see in the SOP screen, i get very different values from the ones i would expect.

Please advise.

Thank you very much,


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