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work list and operation list column list changes in custom pod in SAP MES

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i have a custom pod in this i have link for another pod when i click this link the pod will open in new tab after closing this pod

i getting error in qustom pod and the column list changes for work list and operation list capture.png

below is the error message

Fatal error while rendering UI component with ID templateForm:tcArea:threepanelh:areaB:operationListView:operationlist_table:0:j_id254 in UIViewRoot /com/sap/me/wpmf/client/template.jsp. javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: The class '' does not have the property 'RiskEvent'.

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If you are trying to open one POD from the window of another POD, I'm afraid it is not a good idea. I would expect issues with POD models, and never heard about such scenarios.