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Windows Word Intigration (WWI)

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i want to create tables, characteristic sizes, bar code+serial number, 2d bar code for a label template

can any body help me to provide documents on wwi template creation .other then sap library

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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before you start label generation with WWI you should have a basic understanding of e.g. MSDS generation with WWI. In any case:

- there is the online help giving a rough idea what to do and what can be done in Standard EH&S with out customer extensions

- a number of companies provide special WWI training in GLM (and in GLM as a module)

To my knowledge no "special document" is available if you do a research in internet in which the whole "technical stuff" is written down. And in most cases the best approach is: simply the try and error approach (training clearly helps).

But you should clearly start in my oppinion withe e.g. MSDS generation first (how to create WWI; what are the options etc.) before you go on with GLM as there comes further techniques in place which can only be used if you have a basic understanding of the general WWI techniques (in GLM you need dynmic font sizing, you must understand the label processes (on stock; to order etc.); you must understand label paper etc. how lables are found in printing. You ned to take a look on label view in material master and how this is integrated into EH&S; you must "understand" that ragarding label generation EH&S does have to my knowlegde at least two options (generating labels S8otre in DMS); and generating labels "on the fly" (not stored in DMS)).

Furthermore in SAP GLM you can handle customer specific lables etc. Therefore it will take some time to get an idea what GLM can do and what need to be done if business is asking for something which is not part of standard EH&S GLM.

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