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Why render animated graphics in xMII and not in browser?

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I'm doing my first steps in xMII and try to create some animated graphics. I had problems with rendering pixel graphics inside xMII, see

This gives rise to the following general question:

Is it necessary to create a pixel graphic for the browser? If yes, what are the reasons? Why don't we simply embed the (modified) svg file in the result page? (using iframe, embed, or something like that...)

Kind Regards, Matthias

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Hello, Matthias.

You do not need to "pixelize" the SVG. To prevent this, simply deselect the "RenderImage" checkbox in the AnimatedObjectRenderer action configuration dialog (or set it to false/0 via an incoming link). You can send the resultant SVG (after animations have been applied) back to the browser via a transaction output property of type "XML".

You will, however, need to have an SVG plug-in installed in the browser in order to visualize/render the SVG, and will need to include the appropriate HTML tag(s) in your web page(s) for the SVG plug-in. You will need to point these to the appropriate URL on your xMII server, typically something like:



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Hello Rick,

After some further investigations up to now I definitely want to do the rendering in the browser. We have an SVG plug-in installed, hence the basis is there.

Is there any detailed documentation for the Runner? Can I directly call transactions or do I have to create an xAcute Query? Is the URL you mentioned the URL I can use in the <embed> tag? Or do I have to use the iCommand applet?

I have also tried to save the animated SVG file using an XML Saver Block and then embed the file in the html page. Don't think that this is the best approach, right?

Best Regards,


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I've just realized that my search results in this forum were always restricted to the last 90 days per default. I've now picked "all" and got plenty of information on SVG stuff : )

Sorry for that, I'm new here... I'll go through similar threads first : )