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Where-Used List in CG12

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Hi All,

if you run CG12 and select 'Extras -> Where-Used List' for one phrase, it takes a while (too long for an assistant who does the editing work for phrases for example), before you see the result.

Is there any possibility to accelerate that? Or even better: Is there any possibility to show this result directly in the hit list of the phrases as an extra column?

Thank you very much in advance for any clue.

Best regards


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Hi Christina,

In the standard I don't think you can simply add a column to CG12 to see the where-used. Regarding the run time: The system goes through all specifications, that takes some time, so I don't see how this could be accelerated.


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Hello Christine

to my knowledge the "where use list" functionality is checking the use of phrases in WWI templates as well (e.g. header phrases). Therefore it is not only checking the data of a specification.

In theory (normal phrase): a phrase is assigned to one or more phrase sets and these phrase sets belong to characteristics which belongs to EHS classes. Therefore you can use cg02 functionality to perform the "searach" like in cg12. You will get a hit list of specifications (but that is it)

cg02 and cg12 don't allow to give you "hints" in the sense: phrase x is used in value assignment number y of property Z

I assume that you are thinking about phrase changes (phrase texts etc.) and you would like to detect the "impact" of a change?

As far as I remember: you can add further "search exits" in cg12 but you can not extent the result with a further column.

With best regards