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When will xMII allow users to have the latest version of java installed on

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We have too many different systems here that require different versions of java and I can see a potential clash of version for some people.

What can we do in the meantime and will the new version of xMII help rectify this problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Now which version of java you are using

Sun JSDK 1.4.2_07 is recommanded one.

You can go through the help http://<server name>/LighthammerCMS/Help/SAP_xMII_Help.htm

Goto: getting started>Installation Guide>Introduction



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We are using JSDK 1.4.2_07, but others are at the latest version which xMII does not recommend. Other engineers have different programs that require the latest version.

I guess my question is when will xMII be up to date and use the latest version of Java?

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In xMII 11.5.2 and earlier it is recommended on the server to have Java 1.4.2_07 installed. When you upgrade to SR3 you need 1.4.2_13 on the server. Also when you upgrade to SR3 it gives the ability for clients to have java 1.4.2_13 - 1.5.0_06 installed. If you use later version there are some problems with these JRE versions.


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