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What is the main difference between product reach compliance and product safety stewardship

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Im little bit confused among the words product reach compliance & product safety steward ship & product compliance, can anyone differentiate exactly ?????????????

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Thanks Mary,

Product compliance which deals with REACH , RoHS & WEEE , Product compliance & Reach compliance both are related.

comes to Product safety & stewardship - Deals with SVT (again reach will include in this ), SDS & GLM , it supports compliance information also...Which trigger the data from classic ..

Can we divide them according to the industries like Product compliance mostly useful for electronic industries (like RoHS which deals with Lead related issues ).

Can you give some idea about this.

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Hi There,

Product Compliance or EHSM Product & Reach Compliance deals with companies in the discrete industry.  They manufacture products, components, parts, and bills of materials.  Or, according to the Reach definition, they manufacture articles.  These companies adhere to product regulatory requirements such as Reach SVHCs, Reach Annex XIV, Korea Reach, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, IMDS for the automotive industry and many more produce related regulations.  Regulations that restrict hazardous substances contained in products.  Manufacturers of these products are downstream users of the substances produced by chemical manufacturers.

On the contrary, Product Safety or EHSM Product Safety deals with companies in the process industry.  They manufacture chemical substances, formulations, and recipes.  They are required to author eSDS for the chemicals they produce, register their chemicals with ECHA in accordance with Reach regulations, track end use & exposure limits, and track PCBs according to TSCA.  These chemicals must be properly shipped according to road, air, sea, and rail regulations globally and documentation supporting their shipment, registration, use and exposure limits require hazardous classification information in accordance with GHS regulations.

C4PSS deals with the last group of products, those regulated according to FDA and EPA.  Products such as cosmetics, and food.

Does this clarify the differences in the solutions and when they should be positioned? 

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I thought the question might have been meant a little differently than the answers above. If you want to understand what SAP means by these terms, then please go to SAP Solution Explorer. Here is the direct link to take you all the way in to the Product Safety and Stewardship end to end solution,default-e2...

As I've commented before in this forum, there is often a lot of confusion about names in SAP. We have solution names, product names, and license names. And most of the time, they do not all line up. The link above starts with an end to end solution which then consists of several solution capabilities. To fulfill the customer needs for the solution capability, there may be more than one product. As an example, the solution capability Safety Data Sheet Management can be fulfilled several ways. One is where the customer creates their own Safety Data Sheets. Another is where the customer out-sources the creation. And there are hybrid possibilities as well. SAP has several products in this area to fulfill these different variants. In SAP Solution Explorer, you will find some information on the related products and related license materials.

SAP tries to use customer language in the SAP Solution Explorer, and in this case, Product Safety and Stewardship is an overarching solution that covers various business requirements related to product safety and product compliance, and not only within your own company, but including the supply chain (for example, where you need to know something about product compliance of the products you buy from your suppliers and that you then use in making your own products.)

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Dear Mary

thanks for your additiona contribution to the topic. I believe with your explanation and the link the story might be clearer now for some EHS consultants.


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Thanks JCD & CB its good info......

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Hello Satyanarayana,

I am not sure regarding your question. Partially some answers are provided now by Juan. Coming from high level point of view:

a.) product reach compliance => if you look from legal perspective this is the story: europe has implemented, as mentioned by Juan, a regulation/legislation which is called "REACh". SAP EHS solutions support this regulation (and anything around) with these subsolutions:

- SAP EHS classic (e.g. Safety Data Sheet Generation

- SAP EHS SVT (to cound numbers of products imported or produced)

- SAP Product and Reach Compliance Suite: more or less a tool tu support the "communication process in chemical industry and the communicaiotn between the chemical company and the legal owner of REACh. The organsation "ECHA" (support of the so called registration process)

Regarding the other term: product safety stewardship

This is more "complex"; the term does have many meanings. One content is: any chemical company must have some kind of organisation in place which takes care regarding topics as "registration" etc. Very often the persons doing the job are called "product safety stewards".

On the top SAP is providing services etc. (take a look here but as well delive trainings:

Curriculum | SAP EHS Management – Product Safety and Stewardship

And SAP is generating a "network" of product safety stewardship. Take a look here:

So the terms you have listed does have "technical" content (SAP delivered rechnical solutions) services content (SAP delivered services) etc.

Hope this helps on the top


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Hi Satyanarayana,

First, REACH is an european compliance, SAP REACH compliance needs a dedicated server, and an R/3 server with SAP EH&S, use SVT to collect the data from the R/3 server to the REACH server.

Second, product safety stewardship is just a part of SAP EH&S in the R/3 server, MSDS, and other compliances.