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What is the Job Market for SAP EHS in India

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Dear Group,

I am new to this forum and I have been thinking for the past few months to do SAP EHS for my career growth.

I have a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering and I have 2 years of work experience.

1. Considering my profile can you give your honest opinion weather this would be the right time for to do the training in SAP EHS?

2. I was told by one of the training institutes, based in Chennai, that currently there is no SAP Certification Exam for EHS, is this true?

3. What is the present Job Scenario for SAP EHS freshers in India?

I am planning to do this SAP for my Career growth (in terms of Money) and for better work environment. As I said that I am doing this for Career growth, I dont mind working for less salary in the beginning as long as there is a good future for SAP EHS.

Any kind of inputs and suggestions will work for me to take a decision in this field.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vinay,

You are very much qualified to work with SAP EHS, education and experience wise.

For your Questions

No. 1 - there is no right time to learn the new(or) good things.

No. 2 - Yes, that is true. there is no certification exam for EHS like other modules (SD, MM & PP etc.,)

No. 3 - It's typical question to answer. You can question yourself for this.

further in detailed - check the job sites, how frequent and No. of jobs in SAP EHS area. and also the experience required for the profile. If their expectations are freshers, that is well and good - you will be fit for those positions.

from recruitment point of view in India in-general, considers -

1. the freshers from college campus,

2. experienced in particular technology

3. and the others like domain specialists, who have domain experience with SAP certifications (no project exposure)

Compare to other modules, SAP EHS not being considering for lateral entries (domain specialists), as there is no certification program. same time no such demand like other general modules.

Good thing is SAP EHS skill being built-up Inside the organizations, with the freshers and other module people who ever interested to learn and work with. (purely based on demand forecast)

especially the plant maintenance, production planning, sales and distribution, material management stream people have knowledge towards manufacturing and compliance. they are eligible and confident enough to deal with SAP EHS. Same time the technical people like ABAPers also switching their career towards SAP EHS as a techno- functional consultants after dealing in this environment for couple of years.



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Dear Vinay

regarding SAP EHS there is a "core" demand in many regions. Normally "consultants" are rare and hard to find; programmers etc. can be found more easily.

If you would think "bigger than you should include in your options": Sustainibility solutions of SAP as well. Here we have a "large" bundle of new functions and I belive/assume maket will grow here as well

(SAP product and reach compliance suite; SAP EHS Component Extension; SAP Recipe Management, SAP Waste solutions etc. etc.).

EHS is "different" in comparison to MM etc. There is always new legal etc. demand to be considered in SAP EHS solutions; further trend is "Sustainability reporting" (BW Reporting). Please refer to SAP Solutions sides (e.g.

EHS market in asia will grow (in my opinion) as regulations will be applied stricter. Further on SAP GTS solutions and anything related to that will grow as well. SAP GTS does have "links" to SAP EHS as well.

To start EHS you need basic know how in MM, SD, PP, may be QM, DMS set up, ABAP/Customizing skills (inlcuding WebDynpro).

May be take a look here:

These are the "basic" trainings in EHS.

In most cases you will start from bottom (as a programmer) and getting experienced and at the end you will be a consultant. You should try to get "project skills" as well (e.g. by certifications) as may be in 5 years of working in EHS you will be a "project manager" and not a "consultant" any more (clearly your salary will increase based on your career approach).


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Dear Kamal,
Thank you for the insight.
From your reply I feel like the demand for EHS is not so good, however, i ll do research on the available market anyway.
Thanks again
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Hi Christoph!

What are the sustainability components of SAP? So far I have only seen the EHS module in India.

Sind Sie Deutscher?

Ich habe Nachhaltigkeit studiert in TU Muenchen, Freising. Aber ich hab keine idee uber SAP nachhaltigkeit component in Indien.

Gruss dich!


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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I am also interested in the job market for SAP-EHS, except in the USA. What sort of experience do you need? What entry-level positions are available? I'm still a student so I'm just exploring my options.

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Hi Group,

Like Vinay,I too am planning to get trained & try to make an entry in SAP EHS module as I have 3+ years of domain experience(that covers REACh regulation,MSDS labelling,chemical compliances,GHG protocol- Carbon Management, GRI - Sustainability Reporting, China REACh, Product Carbon Footprinting, Industrial Safety, Energy Management, Waste Management and few other related compliances & regulations).

Currently I am working:

  • for a Cleantech Consulting Startup
  • along with a software mnc is working in the development of sustainability enterprise software.
  • involved in the requirement sharing, beta testing, implementation & configuration.

I hold an engineering degree in Chemical & later a post gradution in Energy Mangement & Climate Change.

I see a lot of similarity in the job description of a sap consultant and my current job profile.This reason has enticed me in taking up SAP EHS module as it's very closely related to my domain experience.

Now my question to all of you :

  • there is training available from SAP India but that is absurdly costly when compared to un-autorized training centres.
  • will there be a lot of difference from the quality of training point of view among authorized & un-authorized centres?
  • if i undertake a training from a un-autorized training center and learn the implementation will it help me to make an entry into SAP Consulting ?
  • is it worth to do a SAP EHS module only or are there more demands for the upcoming ones like SuPM,EHSM or any other related modules which I am not aware of ?
  • SAP EHS doesn't have any certification till now(as far as my seraching goes and also informed by SAP India). Also in some companies, they often post the job opening for SAP EHS Consultant under "niche skills". Again to the contrary, I see so many job openings which require SAP EHS Consulatant with an experience ranging from 2-10 years.So I am bit confused about the availability of SAP EHS consultant- rather demand v/s supply in SAP EHS

It will be of great help if somebody could kindly clarify my doubts.



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Dear Sourav

SAP EHS (and Sustainibility solutions as well) are really "niche skills" if you prepare inquiries regarding job opportunities. In most cases big companies will make the deal only if they can support SAP MM, SD, PP skills (functional and technical skills) and then EHS skills. EHS is introduced in most cases "late" in a project.

But there are a lot of such job opportunities. I did not execute a recent research: most of the opportunities require only a "short" relation to the job (something like 6 to 12 months). And you can get these only ! if you have enough experience. Especially later on you need "project management skills" (based on your personal know how etc.)

Your career depends a little bit on "focusing" regarding something (start small, grow stepwise (in your skills etc.)). I would suggest not to start with the "full" EHS "program"; Therefore: what are the recent challenges:

if you prepare an inquire in this FORUM actually "Component Extension" solution is "en vogue". Therefore I have the feeling: without know how regarding this new solution you might not get the "right" job.  Here  the same is true like with many othe topics: trainings in India are rarely available. But SAP does have a trend to prepare electronic learning sessions. If you go deeper in this FORUM you will identify that some basic  SAP EHS classic stuff need to be known by you in any case (e.g. Dangerous Goods Management, Set up of MSDS, MSDS distribution etc.). Many EHS career starts therefore e.g. in "support" area.

Regarding job opportunities on general level (and therefore trying to provide some answers to Sylvias demand/question as well).

You can differentiate your career options in:

- IT part

- business part (e.g. product safety community etc.)

In the area of EHS both types their is enough work to be done (because of legal and regulatory reasons like REACh etc.)

So general "hint": try to start, stay at least 3 years on a  job position to learn what you then need to go on and then check (if applicable) for other job opportunities. The reason for this hint is quite simple: if in your CV you can list only short periods of e.g. project assignments: this can indicate that you did not have had enuogh chance to learn all topics; therefore for CV: anything below 6 months is not really worth to mention it (only as a very small list); at least 9 months of assignment ot a project is a "good" number to explain on more detail level what you have done.

Anything what you hve mentioned as your personal background is a good starting point to look for opportunities either in IT career (as consultant or first in support area) or in the arra of business part.


PS: may be check:

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Hi vinay !

I am also a beginner for SAP-EHS. similarly i am also having masters in Environmental Science & Technology. Hope your two years of work exp is in EHS domain. In general it is very common for Env.Engg to imagine whatever they hear as environment (as that in "SAP Environment Health & Safety) is related to what they have studied. Ofcourse you can relate a few things you have studied / known with sap's solution for EHS/Sustainability and understand how sap is providing / streamlining their solution for EHS / Sustainability measures. It il be better if you have domain EHS experience to start with.

Regarding training, please don't attend local training courses (either e-learning / class room). there are no persons available in chennai to really teach sap-ehs(though they take class for huge amount of money). Best way to learn sap-ehs is by exploring sap help portal & scn forum / raising your query over here(if your present employer is having IDES, then it will be very much useful for you to get trained yourself).

I don't know much about the job market for sap-ehs. but for the last one and a half years there are lot of openings coming up in India(you can search it in job portal and see the stats). But CMMI level 5 companies need atleast 1 yr exp guy and salary package will be very attractive(I guess salary is not a constraint to start with..)

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Dear Ravee


What are the sustainability components of SAP? So far I have only seen the EHS module in India.