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Waste code

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Please help me out in creating waste code. I am not understanding where i am lagging. I have gone through all IMG check for WASTECODE still not able to create waste code. I am getting the "error Data missing for entry check, correction" Can anybody suggest how to go about it.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Gayathri

many reasons can give rise to that error message. Proposal would be that you did not created the necessary phrases or maintained the mandatory identifiers.

If you take a look at

you will find the help chapter of SAP regarding Waste management. In subchapter Basic Data (EHS-WA-BD) you will find how to create "wastecodes". To do so you need phrases and therefore a phrase catalog etc. in your system (please refer fo subsubchapter "editing Waste codes"). To my knowledge this setup is mandatory to create and to save the new specification. The system is doing a "cross" check during the creation of the "wastecode" specification key regarding the existance of the "NAM WASTECOCAT", "NUM WASTECODE" and "NAM Wastecode" (the system tries to find the corresponding phrase). Only if the system is able to "find" the corresponding phrase you will be able to save the specification.

do you have prepared these phrases in your system? Did you prepared a value regarding environment parameter WAM_PHRSET_WACATLG ?

With bets regards


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Thanks for your guidence. I got the solution today. One customization setting was missing in check identification set under specification data. Finally i could able to find the solution.

Thanks again.


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Hi Gayathri,

I am also facing same issue. "Identifier missing"

So please tell me how you resolved it.

thanks for your help


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