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Warning messages& Alerts are not getting in Substance volume tracking Checks

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I was set up the Purchase scenario in SVT and done all configuration as per configuration document and Maintained the master data at substance level , property tree level.and define the Qty calculation in material level  as per my configuration if my consumption reaches to 70% while raising PO I should get warning Messages regarding Qty , but i am not getting any warning messages from system.

I was done the Badi Implementation also as per SAP Note: 1418035 but still not getting any output.

Pl.Help me out to resolve on this issue.


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Dear Balajee

not easy to answer the question. Could you please answer these questions:

I assume you have prepared a test scenario. In doing so you have maintained all data as needed.

a.) what is the content of CCRCT_EHS_COMP

b.) what is the content of CCRCT_EHS_REG regarding the components of interest

c.) you have doine material movements in such amount that you believe a "warning" should come up

d.) what shows up in CBRC20? Can you see the values of CCRCT_EHS_REG etc.?

e.) etc.

SVT is so complex that it is nearly not possible to really help you wihtout knowing your detail set up , test scenario etc. therefore I have doubt that somebody of EHS community can really help you; but may be if you provide more input there might be a chance to provide hints etc.


PS: I assume you have checked as well: chapter "  Online Checks"