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V15 XML Loader Access To Path Not Allowed

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We are just starting to test our V15 sandbox system that has just been upgraded.  We have a transaction that works fine in our older environment (V12.2) but the same transaction fails in V15. The first sequence in the transaction is an XML Loader that tries to load and XML configuration file from the local MII server where the transaction is running.  The action fails with a Access to path /directoryNameHere/fileNameHere.xml is not allowed error.

As far as we can tell, all of the filesystem/OS level permissions (Linux in our case) are the same as they are in our old environment.

Other than file/directory permissions, any ideas why this might fail?  Has anything changed in V15 that would potentially impact this?

We are not specifying a Credential Store alias (listed as optional).

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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At some point a 'Default File Path' parameter was added as a system property and it's value may be causing your issue.

System Properties - SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence - SAP Library

Default File Path


The path on the file system (along with the subfolders) used to store files that need to be accessed by the following workbench actions for read/write operations:

  • File I/O
    • CreateDirectory
    • CreateZipArchive
    • DeleteFile
    • GetFileList
    • WriteFile
    • FTPInput
    • FTPOutput
    • ADS Printing
  • E-Mail
    • Send Mail
    • Read Mail
  • Logging
    • XML Tracer
  • Web
    • HTMLSaver
    • XMLSaver
    • TextSaver
    • ImageSaver
    • HTMLLoader
    • XMLLoader
    • TextLoader
    • ImageLoader
Note Note
  • Access to the files under the previous path (and the subfolders) will be lost if the path is changed.
  • If the path is empty, you can access the file system, provided the file system provides read/write permissions. The same holds good for prior releases.

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That was it.  Apparently it was added in v14.  We are going from 12.2 to 15 so we had not run into this one.  Clearing the defaultFilePath solved the problem.

Thank you!

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