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Using SAP to Manage CE (Conformité Européenne) Marked Products

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Our business is examining how to best deliver product [machinery] compliance in terms of EU legislation.

We have some customisation today, that prints out a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) that is affixed to the product [machine].

To print a DoC a business must ensure that they have met the requirements outlined in the applicable directives. For instance, in the Machinery Directive we must be able to supply a Technical Construction File (TCF) upon customer request.  Likewise to comply with the RoHS directive we must be able to supply a document showing the chemical constituents of our products.

We see opportunity to manage all of the data required to deliver a DoC within the SAP landscape. For our products [machines] this would include Outdoor Noise Technical Construction File(nTCF), RoHS (Part of CE), REACH, Technical Construction File, and finally the Declaration of Conformity.

Is it possible to manage all of this regulatory data in SAP today? 

How are others meeting their regulatory requirements?

The DoC label, can this be managed in standard SAP today (we have not upgraded in almost decade but are about to go through that process)?

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Kind Regards,


PS> I am not the regulatory guy. I did my best to write down the requirements he verbally gave. Thanks!!

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Dear Patrick

on high level my answer to your questions/doubts etc,. is: using SAP Solutions you can do the job. If you check e.g. you will find a lot of hints etc.

If SAP EHS management is 100% the right solution: not sure: but at least there is roughly an 80% overlap to your requirements.

As always there are some "buts":

Technical Construction File (TCF) => this is more related to other SAP areas; i can not go in deep to that but e.g. the "bill or material" is part if a "TCF"; but clearly it is not suffiecient to do the stuff.

On high level (an dmy knowledge on that): something like a "Declaration of Conformity (DoC) t" is giving some guidance about: e.g.

- waste handling

- what is in side (which chemical)

- can provide information about  "country of origin" or information about the evidence of origin

Some of your demands are managed normally using SAP GTS to a certain extent for customs etc. purpose. Technical Construction Filenormally is related to "standard" SAP PLM functionality

Regarding Topic REACH: I am sorry to say that we have a lot of "sub"solutions by SAP which deal from "their" perspective with REACH topics; so your term is to "general".

e.g.) with have a eSDS (extenbded safety data sheet) which is "only" needed because of REACh; we have e.g. Substance Volume Tracking in place because of REACh, we have a communication platform regarding REACH (this is SAP product and Reach Compliance Suite) etc. etc. etc.

As well this Requirement: "Likewise to comply with the RoHS directive we must be able to supply a document showing the chemical constituents of our products." is now linked to two subsolutions. One is once again SAP product and Reach Compliance Suite andthe new "Component Etxension for SAP EHS MAanagement" Solution.

Hope this helps as a starting point