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Using complex binding with xml views and SPC charts in SAP MII

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Hi Team,

I am building a page with XML views and SPC charts.

To enable complex binding, I need to add data-sap-ui-xx-bindingSyntax="complex" to the SAPUI5 declaration.

When I enable this by adding a script declaration for SAPUI5 duplicating the one in bootstrap.js, the binding works but I get an error in the draw function of the SPC chart.

The error is as below

at 44

message "Unexpected '#'"

name "SyntaxError"

text ".v-m-background .v-background-body{ fill: #FFFFFF; } .v-m-legends .v-bound{fill: #FFFFFF; } .v-m-plot .mii-limitRegions-uslTolsl{fill: #FF00FF}"

Please advise.

I am using SAP MII 15.1 SP3 patch26

sapui5 version is 1.44.9


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Did the draw function work before you added the complex binding? Or was this your first attempt at running the page?

Another random thought is to try it with an i5Chart.

Regards, Mike Appleby

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Hi Mike, thanks for the help.

In my case, I have three scenarios:

1) Complex enable and compatibility mode disable - It works, but the chart it's plotting with some issues.

2) Complex disable and compatibility mode enable - It works. The charts works good, but my whole application are expecting complex binding.

3) Complex enable and compatibility mode enable - It does not work and I'm getting the error described above.

My big problem right now it's the both scenarios that the charts are being plot it generates side effects. It seems that it's a bug in the properties string validator, because # it is used in complex bindings, when it tries to validate the string of the css that contains # it fails.

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