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User Entry in GLM

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Dear All,

I am working on GLM.

Assigned Report Symbol - Batch ( GCG_CHARG) as 'User Entry' at Template Level in CG42

I am trying this for "Make to Order" scenario.

Now when accessing the same in CBGL_MP01, In the User Entry - Batch reflecting.

Since the Process Order has the Batch Number, firstly system is determining the sam and showing on the screen. e.g. YQR4567KU

Now User wanted to change the Batch Number and thus he is editing the same. e.g. changing to ABCD1234

BUT while printing the Label, system is printing the by default Batch Numer (YQR4567KU) and not the changed one (ABCD1234)

What else need to be done, in order that, system should consider the edited value (ABCD1234) while Label priniting.

Please Guide

Note: In template, it is enterd as <02GCG_CHARG>



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Hi Reddy,

It should display the same value as in user entries as per my knowledge.

Are u using the same symbol in "secondary value determination?. If yes, check the FM assignment to it.  If FM has the logic to fetch the batch from MCHA, the same will be printed in the label supersceding the user entry.